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The Nestle Nutrition Institute Africa (NNIA), one of 18 chapters of the Global Nestle Nutrition Institute (NNI), is committed to contributing to nutrition education in the continent. As a result, we are committed to facilitating the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of all health practitioners in the East and Southern Africa (ESAR) region. This aligns with the NNIA’s mission and vision, click here to find out more about the NNIA.

As a leading nutrition organisation, we aim to keep registered health professionals informed on the latest research and developments in the field of nutrition and to add value to their professional growth and daily practice.





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Every two months the NNIA posts activities in the form of scientific articles and/or webinars accompanied by multiple choice questionnaires that are accredited 2 CPD points each. Members must obtain a 70% score to attain the allocated CPD points. The activities are based on pertinent topics and the most recent activities and are available for the entire year of accreditation. All activities therefore cease to be available from the CPD platform on the 20th of December each year.

The tests offer maximum flexibility to suit your busy schedule as they are multiple choice, can be completed at any time, and saves your progress to allow interruptions. There are 2 attempts to meet the pass rate requirement for each questionnaire.

A CPD certificate is awarded immediately upon completion of an activity. You will also be able to view your NNIA CPD activities and points at any time on your profile. NNIA members receive regular email alerts on upcoming CPD activities.

Non-HPCSA accredited healthcare professionals are encouraged to inquire with their relevant professional bodies on whether NNIA activities will be recognised for CPD points.

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Gain access to nutrition & healthcare conferences when you sign up with the Nestle Nutrition Institute Africa

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Registering for the first time:

  • Click here to register on our website as a Healthcare Professional.
  • The system will e-mail you a randomly generated password. Please ensure that you keep the password for your first login. Once you’ve logged in, you can change your password in the “Password Assistance” section on the website.
  • When prompted to enter your Health Professions Council registration number, please ensure that you use the correct prefix, e.g. DT or MP.
  • Please ensure that we have your correct particulars. For practitioners who have participated in our CPD activities in the past, your particulars stored in our database will appear on the screen. Should these not be correct, you can change your details in the “My Profile” section on the website.

How to view your CPD status after a successful registration:

  • Use the “Current CPD Activities” section to view the latest available CPD activities. Please note that you will be required to input your HPCSA number when accessing this CPD information.
  • A list of activities will be displayed on your screen. Select which you are interested in.
  • You will be given the opportunity to download the relevant scientific article/s to the selected CPD activity.
  • After you have worked through the article, you must complete the relevant online questionnaire.
  • After you have completed the online questionnaire, submit your final answers by selecting the 'Submit Answers' option. After you have selected 'Submit Answers', you will not be able to make any more changes on your answer sheet.
  • The results of the completed activity will be available on your screen instantly. You can print the results page for your own record. The results will also be reflected in the NNIA CPD Status section.
  • You will also be able to access your own Status of Nestlé CPD activities at any time to view an update of your CPD points.


The Nestle Nutrition Institute Africa, a nutrition organisation, offers nutrition courses, cpd activities, healthcare conferences, and more.

As part of the Government’s monitoring of the private sector contribution to skills development, we are required to submit statistics with regard to gender and race. We acknowledge the sensitive nature of your information and assure you that this information will not be used for any other purpose. We appreciate your support in this regard.