SASPID Workshop

schedule 1 min read
Topic(s): Nutrition & Disease Management Nutrition Health & Wellness Gut Microbiota

Abnormal liver biochemistry by Dr Priya Walabh

Approach to a child with abdominal pain by Dr Suveena Bisetty

Autoimmune Hepatitis by Dr Liz Goddard

Autoimmune Hepatitis by Dr Priya Walabh

Cholestasis SATS by Dr AJ Terblanche

Chronic Diarrhea in Childhood by Prof Michael Lentze

Constipation by Prof Jan Taminiau Marc Benninga

Disease Related Undernutrition by Dr Sanja Kolaček

Gastroesophageal Reflux in Children by DR Ettienne Nel

Gut Mucosal Immunity Dr Sanja Kolaček

Nutritional support of chronic liver disease Dr Ronalda De Lacy

Portal Hypertension by Dr Ronalda De Lacy