Prenatal iron supplementation study

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Personalised iron supplementation is vital for pregnant women, new study claims

According to recent research, it is crucial to personalise prenatal iron supplementation for pregnant women in order to reduce the risks of overdosing and underdosing for infants.

A clinical trial conducted in Northern Spain, evaluated the effects of prenatal iron supplementation adapted to pregnant women’s initial haemoglobin (Hb) levels on foetal growth parameters.

791 pregnant women were given iron supplements at the 12th gestational week. Results showed that high prenatal doses of iron in each group increased the risk of having foetal and birth development both below and above “optimal” growth.

Researchers concluded that supplementation plans need to be adapted to initial Hb levels to support the best possible foetal development, since high iron intake can negatively impact foetal growth.

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Personalized prenatal iron supplementation is crucial, researchers state (