NNIA launched Advanced Pediatric Course in Central & West Africa

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Topic(s): Pediatrics Growth & Development Gut Microbiota

Based on the model of NNI Advanced Pediatric Nutrition Course, the 1st African Pediatric Nutrition Course (CANUP) has been held in Cameroon (Limbé) from April 25th-28th, 2011, under the patronage of APANF (African Association of Francophone Pediatricians) and SOCAPED (Cameroonian Society of Pediatrics), host of the course.

CANUP targeted 41 future opinion leaders in pediatric nutrition, coming from francophone countries of Central & West Africa, and francophone countries of our sister region EAR (Equatorial Africa Region): Congo (1), Democratic Congo (3), Chad (1), Gabon (5), Centrafrica (1), Burkina Faso (2), Mali (2), Guinea (1), Senegal (3) and Cameroon (22). Although adapted from NNI international Advanced Pediatric Nutrition Course, scientific topics of CANUP have been tailored to African insight and needs in area of infant feeding issues and nutrition education.

Participants gave the CANUP a high assessment of 16.16 / 20 for overall evaluation, all pointing out its uniqueness, share of experience with other countries and its strong science-based approach vs other industry players who are mainly showing commercial attitude.Course was lectured by leading pediatricians, recognized as expert in infant nutrition and influential members of pediatric associations in Central & West Africa. Two NNI rising stars which participated to 2010 Course in Montreux played a key role as members of scientific secretary, under the supervision of Prof Sall Guelaye, NNIA Board member and director of the course.

All the participants were generally satisfied including the speakers, since this is the first ever initiative in CWAR. Many hot topics on nutrition were discussed. Practical working groups and in-depth discussion on key local topics in Infant Nutrition provided opportunities for sharing experience and receiving recommendations from the experts. Final report mentions the need to include nutrition education in all government policies, and to pursue efforts of education on breastfeeding, probiotics, WHO growth curves, double burden of malnutrition-obesity. The presence of Dr Ricardo Pfister (Cantonal Hospital of Geneva) specialist in premature feeding was very well appreciated.

As most of the speakers are policy influencers in their various countries, this NNI course will have a positive impact on our image, since all topics had common objective to challenge MDG No 4 (Reduction of infant mortality). Interactions between our team and various KOLs will also contribute to nurture CWAR nutrition stakeholders network and sustain NNIA positioning in key area (unsuitable breastmilk substitutes & inappropriate foods, impact of early nutrition in long term health and development – SHSH etc…)

In addition to sharing information on Nutrition, the course also provided an interactive platform combined with pleasure through team building activities by visiting the historic botanic garden of Limbé and its zoo.

CANUP 2011 has demonstrated that NNI is the leading authority in terms of nutrition education. In a annual frequency we will ensure future opinion leaders are be well equipped to contribute to advancement of nutrition science in their market and also increase NNI ambassadors network through expansion of acquired knowledge within medical community in the market place. A similar course will be held this year for CWAR Anglophone countries.

Rendez vous l`année prochaine au Sénégal pour le CANUP 2012!!!