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In line with our commitment to collaborate with stakeholders in order to improve nutrition knowledge, two scientific symposiums were held on the 7th of March at the University of Mountains in Cameroon. These coincide with International Women’s Day that is celebrated annually on the 8th of March. 

Through a multi-stakeholder approach that included academia, Ministry of Health and Nutrition, key opinion leaders and participant knowledge, we discussed the role of women in early nutrition and its long-term outcomes. 

During the first symposium, the speaker Professor Zambou Francois (Head of Nutrition Department at University of Dschang) delivered a presentation to 80 medical students on the role of women in preventing Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) through proper early nutrition. 

The second symposium was organised around three topics that addressed the role of women, and was given to 60 healthcare professionals from main cities and communities in the western region.

These included:

  • Successful Complementary Feeding, Professor Ngogang Jeanne, Vice Chancellor of University of Mountains, Cameroon. 
  • Nutrition During the First 1 000 Days, Dr Sile Mefo Henriette, Private Paediatrician at Bafoussam and Lecturer at University of Mountains, Cameroon.
  • Early Nutrition and Prevention of NCDs, Professor Zambou Francois, Head of Nutrition Department at University of Dschang.

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