NNIA Committed To Improving Nutrition Knowledge Of Healthcare Professionals In Nigeria

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Topic(s): Public Health Nutrition & Disease Management Nutrition Health & Wellness

The NNIA, in pursuit of a vision that aims for the African continent to be a place where people are better nourished, live longer and healthier, set out to further the understanding of the science of nutrition for healthcare professionals by facilitating training workshops.

Various nutrition training courses, which centred on ‘early nutrition and long-term health outcomes’, were the main subjects of discussion.

In May this year, various training courses were held in partnership with professional associations and institutions across Nigeria. More than 600 healthcare professionals (HCPs) in Abeokuta, Kano, Abuja, Owerri and Ilorin were reached.

Attending HCPs identified strongly with the scientific fun games, which enhanced learning in a creative way. Feedback from HCPs included positive comments as well as suggesting that this training be conducted at numerous other locations

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