Food For Body & Soul

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Lockdown and isolation are not happy spaces for some. Many people are worried and anxious about the disease, for those with existing mental health conditions, isolation can be incredibly tough.

Some people may find that they do not have an appetite – especially when living alone. We can encourage our patients to try and make an effort at least once a day, even if it is only for breakfast, to lay the table, or prepare their cereal in a different way – even adding some fresh or dried fruit for garnish will already give the meal some appetite appeal. 

Adding a cup of coffee to your meal will go a long way in lifting the mood.  Incidentally coffee is known for its mood lifting and alertness ability.

Within moderation, indulgence is also good. It is ok to have a piece of chocolate or bake your favourite cookies and nibble every once in a while.

Chef Pati Jinich