Post-Graduate Program in Paediatric Nutrition (PGPN)

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Dr Muzzazzi

Dr. Muzzazzi is a Paediatric and Child Health Specialist, Paediatric Hematology, Oncology Fellow, and a Board Member of NNIA as of January 2022. He completed NNI’s Post-Graduate Program in Paediatric Nutrition (PGPN), a global program designed to promote high quality educational engagement with Health Care Professionals (HCP) that can be integrated in clinical practice. He shares his opinion of the program, and explains how it has benefitted him in practice:

The program is online-based, which made it convenient to access remotely and at any time. I completed one module each month, for 7 months to complete the program. Each module required about 45 minutes of focused work, and included an assessment, requiring a 70% pass rate. Upon completion, I received a certificate confirming my certification. I covered the following modules in the program:

i. The Importance of Early Nutrition and Health Outcomes

ii. Outcomes Role of Nutrition in Optimal Growth and Immunity

iii. Understanding Dietary Requirements and Nutritional Assessment in Children

iv. Prevention and Nutritional Management of Undernutrition and Micronutrient Deficiencies

v. Prevention and Nutritional Management of Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) in Children

vi. Paediatric Obesity: An Emerging Crisis

vii. (a) Appropriate Complementary Feeding: An Opportunity to Prevent Malnutrition

      (b) Emerging Importance of the Gut Microbiota in Paediatrics

I appreciated that in the event of an interruption during a module, I could easily save my work and resume later. In addition, I could access the provided learning material as often as I needed.

I would strongly recommend this program to my colleagues. It is user friendly, accommodating my tight schedule as a HCP and it has filled my knowledge gaps in the context of nutritional and its challenges. This program has helped me to confidently manage children with nutritional conditions in my daily practice and has enabled me to give the right information to the parents or care takers about their children’s nutrition.