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Meeting the needs
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Meeting the nutritional needs of preterm infants

Preterm infants have distinct physiological characteristics compared to term infants, which result in high and unique…

Health and Nutrition
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Healthy and sustainable nutrition for children

Prioritize healthy, sustainable child nutrition. Food shapes human and planetary health. Consumption impacts child…

What Influences Gut Microbiome
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What Influences Gut Microbiome in different stages of life?

The microbiota is a dynamic community that evolves through the lifetime of an individual, being influenced by multiple…

Gut Microbiota
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Gut Microbiota: No longer the forgotten organ

Gut microbiome development in early life is linked to long-term health. Bifidobacteria make up to 90% of the microbiota…

The Parenting Index 2021

“Dr Anne Dattilo, registered dietitian, unpacks Nestlé’s first edition of The Parenting Index 2021 - reminding society…

Preventing & Managing Obesity, Over a Lifetime
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Preventing & Managing Obesity, Over a Lifetime

Yes, obesity can be prevented and managed. However, obesity claims at least 2.8 million lives every year. Find tips &…

Feeding the fetus
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Feeding the fetus

In the womb, babies get all they need from their mother’s body. What happens when there’s a problem with the mother’s…

Young Brain Big Appetite

The brain is the organ with the longest development and maturation time - it starts in the third week of pregnancy and…

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Meeting the iron needs of young children

Maintaining adequate iron levels can be difficult due to iron’s poor bioavailability. Read more to learn about the…