Oncology refers to the section of medicine where the study, treatment and diagnosis of cancer are explored. Healthcare professionals are advised to make use of our extensive resource library to gain information that can be useful in extending or revising information for the benefit of daily practice, and or academic journey.


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Nutrition in Cancer

It is clear that nutritional wasting in cancer is not due solely to a nutrient deficit or tumor/host competition for essential nutrients, but to complex metabolic changes in tissues arising from anorexia, tumor progression,
systemic inflammation

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Nutrition Support in Surgical Oncology

At a Nestle Nutrition Institute satellite symposium held at the Digestive Disorder Federation 2012 congress (DDF) chaired by Dr William Allum, leading experts discussed the important role that nutrition plays in the management of patients undergoing

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Retinoids in Oncology

Retinoids are a class of compounds consisting of natural and synthetic substances structurally related to vitamin A. Vitamin A, or retinol, is essential for general growth, differentiation of epithelial tissues, visual function, and reproduction.


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