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Here you will find freely downloadable publications on the latest nutrition topics, such as early infant nutrition, nutritional avenues to allergies, sports nutrition, and nutrition in disease states such as dysphagia or critical illness. All 3000 papers are organized across categories to make it easier for you to find specific information. If you are missing a reference you can also use our search function.

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Welcome to the South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition It is a peer-reviewed scientific journal and is published quarterly.

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In the second SAJCN journal of 2016, original research conducted focusses on:
The effects of rising food prices on household food security on female-headed households in Runnymede Village, Mopani District, South Africa, The determinants of undernutrition among women of reproductive age in Tanzania mainland, Subjects’ experiences of a nutrition education programme: a qualitative study of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus living in a rural resource-limited setting in South Africa, The effect of the glycaemic response of three commonly consumed meals on postprandial plasmaglucose in type 2 diabetics at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu